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New Shvitz!! Elements Fitness!!

Ok. So I am always looking for a new shvitz. And I was able to try one today and I am sufficiently sore enough to say it was good, and more importantly, that I would go again! I went to Elements Fitness in East Hampton. I took a class with Andrea and it was 60 min of non stop work. If you find yourself in East Hampton and are in the mood for a barr
The weekend is just about here.....going to quickly recap some workouts that are both in NYC and the Hamptons, these are the old reliables. Many more to try this summer, that will be another post..... Flybarre @ Flywheel- one of my favorite barre sculpting classes. Various locations in the city, and East Hampton in the Summer. One of my fave teache
Ok, so one of my favorite things to shop for for is my gym clothing aka athleisure..... I often find Lululemon boring, and I dislike overpaying for branded merchandise at the gym (even though I am guilty of that). So this Summer in the Hamptons there will be the staple, Bandier and a Carbon 38 pop-up in Bridge. Carbon 38 was there a couple summers
As Memorial Day approaches and I have beach on the brain, it got me thinking about my travel preferences.... If I am not driving in my car, I do take the Hampton Jitney. Specifically, the Ambassador. In my humble opinion, there is no comparison! Even though the Ambasador is more expensive, the cost is justified. Let me just say, rose' is served!!!!
Ok. So it's like game time. Memorial Day weekend 2018 kicks off on Friday. In honor of that, all week I will be posting on Hamptons related topics. New workouts, new stores, new places to nosh... stay tuned.
Ok, so a lot of interesting trends are popping up this season. But right now I am fascinated with the  fanny pack (or is it a belt bag?). And is it ever ok to even really wear one? Even if it is cool or chic like this Supreme one I am modelling in the gym. Anyway, during the winter I struggle with it because how can I fit it underneath a coat?
So I took a field trip to the Noho location of Rumble-boxing to try out a class. I had been wanting to try it for a while, and they are opening an outpost on the UES soon. So I wanted to see for myself if it lived up to their social media hype. My first impression when I got there was that they must have some serious backing. The space was large, i
So today I took a field trip to the only California Pizza Kitchen in Manhattan, I was on a quest for the cauliflower crust pizza! In an effort to do an unbiased assessment, I acquired both a thin "regular" crust and a thin cauliflower crust. As you can see in the photo, they basically look the same! At first, it was difficult to discern which was w
What is up with the rising prices of sneakers?? Has anyone else noticed that some sneakers have gone into the 4-digit territory? Oy. Now I love my sneakers, and I walk everywhere, so I am not shy about indulging in a hot pair of sneaks. Sometimes I just like to have choices. If I am not going to be doing a workout at the gym that requires actual at
Is it ever ok to use profanity toward a pet????? I don't think so!!! The other day I had a very OY moment. I was walking up 1st Ave and I heard someone cursing at the dog they were walking. Yes, as in directing a 4-letter word toward a dog. A very not nice word. So, it got me thinking, is it ok to curse at a pet that is under your care? The dog doe
So as you all know, I like to work out. I have a whole category dedicated to the topic. Today I received an email that sparked my idea for this post.  A dear friend of mine sent an email saying that a babysitter of hers would be an instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp (a male babysitter, she has boys). My first thought, was Whoa!! Is it legal to hav
If you live in NYC, specifically the UES, the answer to that question is a resounding yes!!! You may even be wearing one as you read this! It is the Orolay Women’s Thickened Down Jacket that retails for $89.99 on Amazon. Yes, it is cute, it is warm, comes in various colors, and seems to compliment both athleisure and regular stylings. BUT, everyone
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