Why 5:30 or 6:30? Because it's about the choice, the "this or that"? You have one hour to spare, how do you spend those 60 minutes? It is important, because those minutes are yours, can never be reclaimed or reused, and you can't buy replacement minutes. The combinations are infinite, especially in NYC, where literally anything is possible in a New York minute. I will not tell you how to spend your 60 minutes, simply give suggestions on the topics I have narrowed it down to and have experience in. 

Fitness pundit-Food lover- Shopping aficionado-Travel enthusiast- and an advocate for finding the humor in a cringe-worthy situation. 

Once upon a time, before emojis and e-commerce becoming an acceptable form of shopping, I worked in merchandising at one of the first e-commerce websites selling luxury goods online. So I do appreciate retail therapy and looking for just the right shmatta to go with those shoes I just got. 

Additionally, for the past 10 years I have becoming a fitness devotee. Not to get to a goal-weight or transform myself, but because I realized that my 45 or 60 minute class was probably the only chance to be phone-free during the day. I do however want to get something out of my "shvitz", so I try to take classes with instructors that provide a viable and worthy experience of my dollars and my minutes. Any classes or teachers that you read about in this blog, will be ones I have taken and experienced for myself. 

As far as the food goes, I do work up an appetite after my classes. And I do like to travel a bit.......So stay tuned. 

I leave it to you to decide, but I love hearing your feedback and thoughts!






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