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Rumble Boxing - viable workout or social media shtick?


So I took a field trip to the Noho location of Rumble-boxing to try out a class. I had been wanting to try it for a while, and they are opening an outpost on the UES soon. So I wanted to see for myself if it lived up to their social media hype.

My first impression when I got there was that they must have some serious backing. The space was large, immaculate, well staffed, with a well curated wall of gear for sale. All emblazoned with Jab- their logo. But, I am not really there for the gear and I don’t think the class lived up to the hype.

The room where the actual class is given, doesn’t look drastically different than some other places. It is dark and has a one section with the bags for the actual boxing segment, and a section with benches for the strength portion. The big difference is the big overhead screens installed that give a play by play of the moves you will be doing. The room is very dark, and the music very loud, the instructor stands on a podium, creating the feeling of a live dj, but it is still just a playlist running off laptop. Nothing revolutionary there.

The room is very dark, very big, and very loud. Which made the overhead screens even more of a distraction, I felt like I was watching the video for Kanye’s song “All of the lights” on repeat. I am not really sure how effective this can be with only one instructor. There is really no way to be sure the moves are being done correctly or safely. And if they aren’t being done correctly, what the heck am I there for? When class was over the instructor made sure to say that we should  instagram about our workout. I guess I am, probably not in the way he was hoping though.

Bottom line, I could skip Rumble. There are better, more efficient workouts all over the city. Minus the hype.

As always, I love feedback- so if you agree or disagree, reach out via email!

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Saturday, 30 September 2023

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