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What is up with the rising prices of sneakers?? Has anyone else noticed that some sneakers have gone into the 4-digit territory? Oy. Now I love my sneakers, and I walk everywhere, so I am not shy about indulging in a hot pair of sneaks. Sometimes I just like to have choices. If I am not going to be doing a workout at the gym that requires actual athletic sneakers, I turn my focus to my athleisure sneakers. To wear with regular clothes or to and from a shvitz that doesnt require sneakers. Let's just say that I looked at ALOT of different ones and I narrowed it down to one sneaker that I think is a lot of look without the heavy pricetag. I also like to have a sneaker to travel with that is lightweight an versatile.

It is the Veja Esplar and comes in various color choices, I took a liking to the daisies which are a collaboration with Madewell and available on madewell.com for $130. Veja has their own website with many other versions. In addition to looking good, these sneakers are enviornmentally friendly and made with organic materials. Check it out on Veja.com.

P.S. For ladies of a certain shoe size, who tell me that their feet are too big for certain sneakers......These will work! Your feet will not look like canoes........

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Monday, 15 July 2024

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